Lorianne Cianfero

Chief Financial Officer/Controller

Phone: (239) 919-1168
Email: [email protected]

Lorianne was born and raised in New Jersey and came to Florida to escape the northern Winters. Lorianne spent a few months shy of 19 years working for The Barron Collier Companies managing 11 different companies including real estate ventures and an oil company, before she took over the financial management of the Grey Oaks Division. As Controller she was instrumental in moving Grey Oaks from a developer-owned Club to a member-owned Club keeping both parties happy. Lorianne most recently financially managed a 30-million dollar renovation project and came in on budget and on time. When not working, Lorianne spends her free time having fun with family and friends. Lorianne is extremely happy to be part of the Naples Lakes Family and is available to answer any questions and help in any way she can.