Dress Code

In an effort to ensure that our Members have an enjoyable experience while dining at the Clubhouse, here is an explanation of the Clubhouse dress code.

The following is an excerpt from the Club's Rules & Regulations:

Clubhouse Attire

  1. Members shall dress in a fashion compatible with the appropriate occasion and function being held.
  2. Denim, short shorts, cargo pants, cut-offs, tee shirts, tank tops, men's hats and pool cover-ups are not allowed in the Dining Room, Grille Room or Terrace at any time. Men's dress shirts, including collared and non-collared dress shirts, may be worn in the Dining Room, Grille Room and Terrace. Shoes must be worn at all times. Golf shoes must be confined to designated areas when worn inside. This dress code applies to members, their immediate family members, guests, lessees and children.
  3. The dress standards of the Club may be waived by Club Management from time to time for special activities and functions.