Club Documents and Information

If you are selling your own home or your home is being sold through a Realtor, and you will be holding an open house you will need to to complete an Open House Information Questionnaire below so I can compile the master list of Open Houses.

These forms may be scanned and email to [email protected] or returned directly to my office by Friday prior to your Open House at 4:00pm each week. 

Open House Information Questionnaire (CLICK HERE)

Open House Sign Policy (CLICK HERE)


Full Membership Profile (CLICK HERE

2024 Golf Rates (CLICK HERE)


2023 Membership Dues/Master HOA Maint. Fees - (CLICK HERE

2022 Membership Dues/Master HOA Maint. Fees - (CLICK HERE)

2021 Membership Dues/Master HOA Maint. Fees - (CLICK HERE)

2020 Membership Dues/Master HOA Maint. Fees - (CLICK HERE)

2019 Membership Dues/Master HOA Maint. Fees - (CLICK HERE)

2024 Budget Summary (CLICK HERE)

2023 Budget Summary (CLICK HERE)

Rules and Regulations (CLICK HERE


Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

   Certificate of Amendment 7-27-15

    Certificate of Amendment 4-7-15

    Master Declaration (Approved 11/17/23)

    Exhibit A - Legal Description of Property in the Community

    Exhibit B - Articles of Incorporation

    Exhibit C - Bylaws (Approved 11/17/23)

    Exhibit D - Limited Common Areas

    Exhibit E - Legal Description of Golf Course Property

ARC Standards

    ARC Standards (Revised 9/18/23)


    Collier County Native Plant List (2018)

    Exhibit A - Approved Plant List (revised 3-22-16)

    Exhibit B - Sign Standard (revised 5-22-19)

    Exhibit C - Hurricane/Storm Protection Standards (revised 1-27-21)

    Exhibit D - Non-Compliance Procedures for Violation of the ARC Standards (Redline) (Revised 9/12/23)

    Exhibit E - Tree Removal, Relocation and Replacement Standards (Revised 9/28/23)